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Cordless Tear Down Shade Instructions 

Roller Shade Shortening Instructions

Locate the end of the shade that has a round pin (A). (Fig. 1)

Place a small mark on the hem of the shade (B) to indicate your desired width. (Fig. 2) 

Use scissors to make a small cut through the shade hem at your mark. (Fig 3) 

Gently tear the shade starting where you made the cut through the hem. Telescope the shade as in Fig. 4 and continue tearing to the cardboard roller. Remove excess shade material. 

Tear off excess cardboard and push the end of the roller inward to match the new width of the shade. (Fig 5) 

Snap the off the slat to match the width of the shade and insert the slat into the shade hem. (Fig. 6) Note: If you prefer, you can also cut your shade to your desired width with a scissor. Follow Steps 1 and 2 above, then unroll the shade and use a scissor to cut the entire length of the vinyl staring at your mark. Continue with step 5. 

Roller Shade Installation Instructions

Mount Brackets 

Inside Mount (Fig 7.)

Mount brackets 1/4" from the top of the window still to allow large diameter shades to fit into brackets easily. The bracket with the circular hole insert (A) should be mounted on the right and the bracket with the cutout (B) should be mounted on the left. 

 Outside Mount (Fig 8)

Measure blind from tip to tip. The brackets should be mounted no more than the measured distance and no less than the measured minus 1/4" (the measurement is made from the back of each bracket). The right bracket will have the circular hole insert (A) and the left bracket will have the cutout (B). 

 Universal Brackets (Fig. 9) 

For an inside mount refer to figure 9, but use inside mount instructions above. For outside mount refer to Figure 9, but use outside mount instructions above.  

Mount Shad

Insert round pin of shade in circular hole of bracket (A). Insert flat pin into cut out of bracket (B). 

To Adjust Shade Roller Tension 

Roll shade up and hang in brackets. If there is not enough strength in the spring to raise shade completely, pull shade down to about half the window opening. Remove shade from brackets, roll up by hand, and then place in brackets. Should spring be too strong, raise shade to top of window, remove from brackets and unroll several turns by hand, then replace in brackets. 

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