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Cordless Honeycomb Cellular Shade Instructions

Dear Customer

Thank you for purchasing our product. We want to reassure you that our main design focus with window blinds/shades is child safety, and we  guarantee this with your new, Honeycomb Cordless Cellular Shade. In addition we hope that you enjoy its ease of use and installation. We look forward to your continued patronage in the future.  

Tools needed for installation 

  1. ) Metal Measuring Tape 

  2. ) Pencil 

  3. ) Phillips screwdriver 

  4. ) Step ladder or stool

  5. ) Drill & bits  (1/8")

  6. ) Level

Hardware Contents

Step 1: Installing the Brackets

Step 2: Installing the Shade

Step 3: Assembling the Operation Handle 

Step 4: Operating the Shade

Cleaning Your Shade

For best results, we suggest using vacuum cleaner or dry cloth to remove dust. For spot-removal try using light damp cloth to wipe the spot clean. Do not use any kind of chemical to clean the shade as it may damage the shade. 

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