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1-2-3 Shade Instructions

1.) Sizing the 1-2-3 Shade for your window: 

To cover a smaller window, reduce the width by cutting through all pleats and PVC rail of the shade with a utility knife. 

2.) To Mount your 1-2-3 Shade 

The 1-2-3 Shade may be mounted on any clean and dry surface. Peel paper off back. Press the adhesive directly onto the windowpane or wall surface. Run your finger or thumb along mounted edge to ensure an even stick. 

3.) Adjusting your 1-2-3 Shade 

No cords for a clean look and child safety - use included clips to clip together pleats to raise and lower shade. 

Important Notes: 

Peel N' Stick tape may damage painted or varnished surfaces. Test a small area before installation to ensure that your surface will not be damaged. 

For larger windows, additional 1-2-3 Shades can be mounted. 

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